British vs. American Versions Of The Great British Baking Show

As you may already know, the seasons that have been aired in the U.S. do not coincide with the seasons as they were originally broadcast in the U.K. For some reason, when PBS first brought The Great British Baking Show to the U.S., it started with the fifth season, then the fourth, then the sixth and then the seventh, even though PBS (and then Netflix), numbered them 1, 2, 3 and 4. And then it got even more confusing when PBS picked up the third season and called it Season 5, but Netflix aired the eighth and ninth seasons, calling them Collections 5 and 6. (Netflix then added the third season under a new title: The Great British Baking Show—The Beginnings.)

Not only that, but the name was also changed when the show crossed the pond, from The Great British Bake Off to The Great British Baking Show, apparently because the term Bake-Off is a registered trademark of Pillsbury in the U.S. (Which explains why the show is often referred to by the acronym GBBO or, in the U.S., GBBS–I tend to use both abbreviations interchangeably.) As if that’s not confusing enough, when you try looking up the seasons as they aired in the U.K. (which I admit having done multiple times in my attempt to access earlier seasons that aren’t yet available in the U.S.), you discover that a show’s season is actually called a series in Britain.

Are you thoroughly confused yet? Me, too. So let me try to clarify things with this chart I made to help me keep it straight (or check out this one).

To help minimize the confusion, I will try to refer to the seasons by the year they were created. So I will be starting this challenge with the 2012 season. You can see from the chart that we still haven’t been able to access Series 1 and 2 here in the U.S., but I’m hoping that, because Netflix titled Series 3 “The Beginnings” (plural, with an s!), they will eventually add the first two seasons under that same title. Stay tuned!

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