Episode 9, GBBO 2012, technical challenge

Fraisier Cake

The fraisier gets its name from the French word for strawberry, la fraise. Visually stunning, the fraisier is distinctive because of the layer of strawberry halves arranged so that the cut sides line the outside of the cake. The result is an elegant confectionary creation that would make an exquisite ending to a festive dinner party or a stunning addition to a dessert table at any large celebration.

Episode 1, GBBO 2012, showstopper

Hidden Design Cake

Showstopper Snow Day! That’s what I dubbed the day we got about six inches of snow and my office was closed. It worked out great, because I was just about to get started on my first showstopper challenge—the hidden design cake! I’ve been thinking about making this cake ever since I first watched this episode… Continue reading Hidden Design Cake