Episode 4, GBBO 2012, Signature Bake

Torte Cake

One of my favorite flavor combinations is chocolate and orange. So when the Great British Baking Show tasked its contestants with baking a torte cake with multiple layers of filling, it was more than intuition that prompted me to choose these two flavors. Wanting to infuse my orange filling with the essence of fresh oranges, I chose a recipe for orange curd. My complementary filling would be a simple chocolate mousse, and I planned to enrobe the entire torte in a chocolate ganache. To top it all off, and add even more intense orange flavor, I decided to make candied orange zest to use as a garnish.

Episode 1, GBBO 2012, showstopper

Hidden Design Cake

Showstopper Snow Day! That’s what I dubbed the day we got about six inches of snow and my office was closed. It worked out great, because I was just about to get started on my first showstopper challenge—the hidden design cake! I’ve been thinking about making this cake ever since I first watched this episode… Continue reading Hidden Design Cake